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About us

About Us

CSSCreme is maintained by a group of people that are on the web for quite a while. In that time we were involved in many projects and saw countless websites but there would be always some that would stand out – those that set trends and serve as inspiration because of their originality and quality. So we started to collect them on CSSCreme so more people would be able to see them and benefit from it.

Questions you may have for us

Why CSSCreme .... other CSS galleries are not enough?

Well... CSSCreme is our little playground... we want to highlight BEST sites, ideas or designs that meet certain quality standards. We know that is very hard to respect all web standards to the letter but this is our goal to make people understand that a certain level of requirements must be met in order to have a good design. So even if there are a lot of CSS galleries our goal is to stand out in the crowd and to become a point of reference for people looking for best websites, tutorials or other useful resources. We are at the beginning but we have great ideas that will be coded to help you find not only good looking stuff but also help you do your own projects.

Who is submitting these sites?

In the beginning most of websites here were the ones that caught our attention while browsing. But as time passed more and more beautiful websites were submitted by other people. Nowadays we mostly make sure that all that is shown here meets quality standards we like to see set high on CSSCreme while great majority of content is posted by the community.

What are the conditions for a site to be accepted?

Really simple really – submit quality websites with innovative design that obey standards as much as possible and you can be certain that they will show up on CCSCreme. Needles to say any plagiarism won’t be tolerated.

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