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Author: Vilma


Mobile is really hitting it off! Mobile websites, Mobile applications, Mobile everything! It’s extremely exciting to see the expansion of technology; in it’s most portable form, the mobile phone.

Mobile websites, are the new information high way. And what is the outcome? Faster, easier search results. Mobile websites offer only the essential, vital information a website displays. Think of a mobile phone as a highlighter, mobile websites only present the highlighted information.

Mobile websites are designed slightly different. The design is condensed to a minimalistic. Information is displayed horizontally as opposed to vertical and navigation is usually located at the bottom. This is due the smaller screens mobile phones possess and the idea that the content is what is most important.

1. Cofa Media Interactive Agency

Cofa Media Interactive Agency

Cofa Media Interactive Agency Mobile

Cofa Media Interactive Agency, has just recently launched their new website design, and what came with it was a mobile version, which compliments the website perfectly. Still using the same colors scheme and retaining the brands identity, Cofa Media’s Mobile website is perfect prompt communication and information accessibility.


2. Evisibility


Evisibility Mobile

Evisibility is an Internet marketing agency that has made a mobile version of their website that coincides perfectly with their regular website design. Again we can see that everything is simplistic, still maintaining the sites identity, and providing the user with very accessible information.


3. Law Offices of Michael Pines

Law Offices of Michael Pines

Law Offices of Michael Pines Mobile

Law Offices of Michael Pines, APC, website is very professional and sophisticated in design and organization. The mobile version of their website keeps these features, but the contact number and ‘catch’ is emphasized and isolated to give precedence and encourage a call.


4. AMC Theaters

AMC Theaters

AMC Theaters Mobile

AMC Theaters has made it so that movie finding from any location is easy and possible. Their mobile website is extremely simplistic, there are no distraction when searching for theaters and titles, simply type in your zip code.


5. CNN


CNN Mobile

CNN News is a website full of information, but they have successfully condensed it in the mobile version. Keeping vital and recent articles featured in the homepage. The mobile site is divided in three categories, ‘weather’, ‘latest news’ and ‘audio/video’. The site keeps its red and white color palette for a very clean and organized design.


6. Yahoo!


Yahoo Mobile

Yahoo! is another website loaded with information that gets updated frequently. There mobile website is organized very neatly and is easily maneuvered. All recent and relative information is displayed in the ‘today’ tab keeping users posted on updated news.


7. Bestbuy


Bestbuy Mobile

Bestbuy has many types of products ranging from TVs to DVDs, and a mobile presence allows customers to purchase and reserve items without having to visit the store or be at home!


8. Macy’s


Macy’s Mobile

Macy’s mobile emphasizes the classic Macy’s rose red and holds a bold overall feeling compared it’s counter part. Advertising their ‘Big November Sale’ promotion, Macy’s gives shoppers an opportunity to shop via mobile and pay the credit card bill.


9. Forever 21

Forever 21

Forever 21 Mobile

Forever 21 has followed the mobile trend and has implemented a mobile version of their website. Very clean, keeping the gray and white color choice, their mobile website keeps their identity in tact.


10. Payless


Payless Mobile

Payless Shoe store’s mobile website is another great example of unified design between mobile and the regular website. Payless has vitally the same layout and promotions featured, very clean and organized maintaining the websites original feel and integrity.


Nice selection of site, all very different, but basically the same functionality.

Interesting stuff - could be a blog in it's own right.
Are these all done with CSS alone, or are they redirecting to a different mobile-only site?

Brilliant post. Great comparisons between web and mobile sites. It's difficult for clients to envisage a mobile version of their website, but this post will certainly help them. Thanks Vilma.

Nice collection...can you recommend a good plug in for wordpress that will automatically convert my existing website to a mobile layout. tanks

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