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Design inspirations Wittygraphy: Caricature and Caricaturist Community

Author: Jason Cameron

Passionate about design and web


Wittygraphy is a fast growing network with lots of caricaturists and caricature fans. As a member of this, you can rate caricatures, collect favorites and track your friends and also favorite caricaturists. Wittygraphy is a simple, non-exclusive and free to join marketplace for promoting and selling your work and services.

Wittygraphy caricatures

It is a vibrant social network which is dedicated to the Art of Caricature. It is a place where you can discover, discuss, share, promote, sell and buy caricatures. You can think of them as Facebook meets eBay for caricatures.


Wittygraphy is an inclusive art gallery, a forum for self expression and a supportive and welcoming community.
You can publish your portfolios and you will be able to gain exposure.
You can also connect with other caricature-minded people.
It is possible for you to advertise and also sell your services.
You could get listed in the #1 directory of caricature.
From the community, you will also receive feedback.
It is 100% free to use. They only charge a small fee when a member of this site books them for a caricature work.

For each of us, Wittygraphy is something different:

For caricaturists:

You can upload your art work and also gain exposure to the largest group of people who are caricature-minded.
You can get feedback on your caricatures.
You can set up your profile and then, will be able to tell the community about your work or your specialties and your interests.
For free, you can advertise your services to the community.
It is possible for you to be part of the coolest and biggest directory of caricaturists. And your chances of being found on the web can also be increased.
You can build your visibility and also network of buyers and fans.
You would receive feedback for all the services rendered and you can thus build your reputation.
You will also gain inspiration and also motivation from the caricaturists whom you meet on Wittygraphy.
You can also make others laugh.

For everyone else:

When you find a caricaturist whom you like, you can directly communicate with him to get yours drawn.
You can build a network of buddies so as to help each other discover great caricaturists.
You can comment and also vote for caricatures.
It is possible to write a blog.
You can track and also follow your favorite caricaturists.
Also for live party events, you can find caricaturists in your area.
You can encourage aspiring artists, and even you could start learning to draw caricatures.

Wittygraphy is a fast growing social network dedicated to the art of caricature. It is a forum for self expression, an inclusive art gallery and a supportive and welcoming community.

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