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Web Design Applications BlueMelon: Another Photo Sharing Alternative For Flickr

Author: Jason Cameron

Passionate about design and web


Bluemelon is an online photo sharing website. It is very easy to use this photo sharing and photo hosting site. You can create your online albums, upload pictures and also share photos with your friends or family. Both free and paid services are offered.


This website includes features such as : you can either choose from the several uploaders or import your photos from the facebook, picasa or flickr. Photo albums can be organized in categories. Moreover we can choose the privacy levels for the albums and photographs. You can customize your photo albums - add captions, descriptions, choose various styles and themes to enlighten your photos. Others to who you have given permission to view, can download your full albums. We can also order the prints and gifts. Geotagging your photos is also possible. All you got to do is subscribe and get unlimited storage. Then you can use your own domain, customize CSS and much more.

Many new features are being added every now and then. The latest ones includes the Power Accounts that are available. With this, you can use your own domain name, add the Google Analytics, customize the CSS, branding, use custom banners etc. this is mainly meant for further customization of the BlueMelon albums for the advanced users. This type of account enables many new ways of customizing and personalizing your albums and the BlueMelon homepage. By using this account, you can change the title and the URL of the BlueMelon navigation root link. A custom HTML header code can be placed either before, after or by completely replacing the original BlueMelon header. Tags can be added into the section of your BlueMelon pages. Google Analytics can also be integrated. Your own CSS styles can be added which can be used for the rendition of your BlueMelon pages.

Another feature is the Bulk Organizer. This helps you in editing the selected photos in bulk. Thus, by using this tool, you can add the selected photos to your albums, change their descriptions or their access modes, geotag, delete them, order the prints. BlueMelon also offers RSS feeds. In this, the "Latest Public Items" and the "Latest Album Updates" RSS feeds delivers the list of a user's most recent uploads. What more???...the BlueMelon integrates with the Twitter. All you have to do is click on the "Share on Twitter" button from the "Share" menu. This will allow you to share your photos easily on the Twitter. Amazing na! you are also provided with the option of inviting your friends by simply sending them invitations via e-mail.

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