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Web Design Applications JPGfun: Make Photo Effects and Covers Online

Author: Jason Cameron

Passionate about design and web


As far as this solution is concerned, image manipulation and edition is very easy. JPGfun will enable you to upload any photo and you will be able to apply different effects to it. These include mainly photo frames for making magazine covers and posters. Thematic frames are provided which will definitely help you out.



- JPGfun is an easy-to-use online service that would help you to edit your photos, which is loaded on their server.
- JPGfun helps in easy image editing and also processing over the web.
- You will be able to add different funny and interesting effects or you can put your photo on a magazine cover. Thus you can improve your photo. - Also you will be given a code that you can easily place on your blog or even in your profiles at Facebook, MySpace, Hi5, Orkut etc so that you can show the photo to everybody.
- This service is provided at no cost at all.
- For you, an embeddable code is provided, so that you could share your masterpiece with your social networking friends on the spot.
- If you need some direction and guidance, you can make use of the examples provided in this site.
- The whole approach is very intuitive that, in no time, you will be up and running.
An e-mail address is provided if you want to ask for more effects to be added.
- One way or the other, site will have something for you.
Here you have got a lot of creative ways so that you can make your own avatar.
- You can improve your pictures with multiple funny effects and also nice frames, presented on the site (as of today, there are 182 templates), or you can put your photo on any magazine cover through offered templates (as of today there are 40 templates).
- Even you can make your images look really spicy by making use of the erotic backgrounds which are offered by authors.
- You can share your pictures with your friends; you can discuss them and also laugh at them as much as you wish. Here everything is included and it is free.

How to use JPGfun

1. Visit
2. You have to simply click on the 'Magazine list' or 'Effect list'.
3. You can upload your photo (it should be less than 5MB). You only need to select the effect and press 'create picture'. Just after a few seconds, your fun photo will be shown.
4. If you don’t feel satisfied with the result, you can click on other effects which you want.
5. You can also save the picture in Jpgfun's gallery.

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