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Web Design Applications Kuler: Creating and Sharing Color Schemes

Author: Jason Cameron

Passionate about design and web


If you want to experiment quickly with color variations and browse thousands of themes to find a suitable one for the project, then kuler is the right step for you to start with. Adobe's Kuler is a web-hosted application for generating color themes that inspire all projects designed both to stand alone and to enhance Adobe® Creative Suite® software.

Adobe's Kuler

Kuler is a color choosing, designing, creating, mixing, modifying, matching web application that helps even a slightly colorblind person to choose a color scheme easily. Kuler is accessible even from your favorite, Creative Suite 4 software as it is built into Adobe Illustrator® CS4, Photoshop® CS4, InDesign® CS4, Fireworks® CS4, and Flash® CS4 Professional software. Hence we can easily Explore, search, and create new color themes.

What makes Kuler special when compared to other, web-based color pickers, is the convenient little desktop application Adobe has started. The application allows you to browse the different color themes. It is an excellent replica of what is available on the actual site.

The most notable features include the Browsing themes where we can Browse themes by Newest, Most Popular, Highest Rated, or Random. Using Searching themes we can Quickly search thousands of themes in the Kuler community by tag word, title, creator, or hex color value. Downloading themes helps to use as color swatches in Adobe Creative Suite. Mykuler enables Storing, viewing, and retrieving all your saved themes in your personal Mykuler space. By changing the Base Color feature, we can adjust a theme. Interactive, color wheel helps to choose the colors in your theme by moving the markers.

Adobe's Kuler Color Wheel

Kuler is a fully database driven Flash site that allows you to create your own color scheme. It enables searching for schemes by using hex colors, words, phrases etc and to modify an existing theme. You can even choose a color hex from a logo of a site that you're working with, drop it into Kuler's create panel and presto, and you will receive a color scheme based on the color you just inserted. With the click of just one button, we can save a particular palette to whichever Creative Suite application you wish thereby streamlining the work flow. It is now possible to download Kuler as a desktop application. Also, there is an RSS feed of the most popular or highest rated schemes.

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