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Web Design Applications Litmus Tool: Test Design of Emails and Newsletters

Author: Jason Cameron

Passionate about design and web


Litmus is an elegant compatibility testing aimed for the web professionals. Some of the unique tasks of Litmus is that you can perform Website testing. That is, you can thoroughly test your web pages and see precisely how they would appear in various web browsers. Email testing is another option where you can see how your email newsletters would appear in various email clients and web mail systems. It ensures your messages are delivered properly. You can test your emails on all the major email clients and spam filters quickly.

Litmus browser testing

Some other features include Lightning-fast results that iterate quickly solving more cross-platform issues in very less time, One-click publishing to show your clients by instantly publishing your test results online, Precise bug tracking, that is at-a-glance to track the compatibility bugs and Painless versioning to stay organised and version timelines to go through your tests.

Litmus is an advanced testing tool. It makes compatibility testing much more easier. It is lightning-fast, reliable and also affordable. It's relied upon by many freelancers and the switched-on agencies and also by big companies like Yahoo!, Facebook and eBay. Litmus shows you how exactly your designs will look on every platform across every popular web browser. Once you are done with testing, one click will publish a full compatibility report that is ready for review by your client.

The Litmus will show you how exactly your email will be viewed by your readers in spite of whatever email system they use. Once you are done, a comprehensive compatibility report is published. You can Preview your emails. It also performs comprehensive spam analysis. The Litmus runs your email through a broad range of spam filters. It ranges from the consumer desktop filters, to the high-end gateway systems used by the ISPs and large corporations. In case your email does not pass them all, the Litmus shows you exactly what caused the problem so that you can fix it quickly.

You can view from all angles. By clicking the images to enlarge, you will be able to see your email exactly as your recipients see. Some of the features allowed for every applicable email client include to check your email in the inbox, your email in the preview pane, to check your subject line length and excerpt text the email client shows. The report summarises all your results so that the others can get a quick overview of all the work you have done.

Litmus looks like a good email marketing solution. I should try it and see how it compares to some of the other platforms, like DotMailer and Campaign Monitor - these are the two best on the marketing in my opinion.
Thanks for the post Jason.


Yes, seem ti's only emails and newsletter

Is it just for emails? I can't see anything about website browser testing on the site.

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