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Photoshop Effects Photos Out of Bounds Photoshop Effects Tutorial

Author: Adri

I'm a freelance graphic designer.


In this tutorial you will learn how to make a picture “jump” out of the frame. It’s a way to make your images more fun and once you’ve learn how to make them you’ll see that this is an easy job. But, first, we must find right photo, or better yet photos, because you’ll use two images for this tutorial: image one and image two. Grab them and let’s start!

Step 1

Open image with the road first. Hold down Alt key and double click on the background layer to unlock it and be able to edit it. After that, hit Ctrl + J to duplicate the image.

Activate the layer from the bottom and reduce its Opacity to about 45%. Do the same with the Fill. Make a new layer under this one by holding down Ctrl key and clicking the New Layer icon. Fill it with black. If your background color is black then just hit Ctrl + Backspace, if it’s your foreground color hit Alt + Backspace.

Step 2

Activate Layer 0. Hit Ctrl + T so that you can transform the image. Right-click somewhere in the canvas and choose Flip Horizontal. Press Enter key to complete the transformation.

Do the same with the layer above it, but after you’ve turned the image horizontally don’t press Enter key yet. Move the cursor at the top-right of the image, hold down Shift + Alt, to make the transformation proportional, and drag to the center of the image. Now you’ve made the image smaller.

Right-click again in the canvas but this time chose Perspective option. Take the top-right corner of the selection and drag it down a little. Now press Enter key.

Step 3

Go to the Layer Palette and double-click on the layer you’re in. Apply the next settings for the Stroke: Size: 40px, Position: Inside, Color White. Make the image a little smaller again and position it like you see below:

Step 4

Open the second image, use Ctrl + A to select the image, go to you project and paste it. Use the Transformation Tool again to make it smaller and flip it horizontally.

Now you’ll have to select what is in the red square.

Take the Pen Tool, select the Path option and start selecting only the car. When you’ve finished the selection right-click into the selection and choose Make selection. Set the Feather Radius to 0 pixels and press OK.

Step 5

Hit Ctrl + R to bring up the Rulers which will guide you for this step. Go to Move Tool, position the cursor on the left side of the image, over the ruler, click and drag. Don’t release the mouse until you have the line like you see in the next image.

Copy the selection and paste it. Go back to the layer with the car, take the Rectangular Marquee Tool, select the image from the left to the blue line and the press Delete key. Deselect (Ctrl + D).

Now you can remove the blue line. With the Move Tool, select the line and drag it back over the ruler on the left side.

This is what you have so far.

Step 6

Take the Eraser Tool, Set the Hardness to 100%, Master Diameter to 90 pixels, make sure you have the layer with the front of the car active and start to brush over the edges of the car’s shadow. That’s in case you can still see some parts of the road, like in my case.

Step 7

Select both layers containing the car (do that by holding down Ctrl + click on the layer) and use Free Transform to rotate the images a little to the right. Now select the image with the back of the car, go to Edit > Stroke and set the Width to 40 pixels, Color: white and Location: outside.


Using Free Transformation again play with Perspective and Warp options.

And this is how you make an image go out of bounds. Hope you had fun!


Great tutorial!

I like to use similar effects often


very nice


nice...its so amazing!!!!


Wow amazing, will definitely use this in future..

Nice tutorial but sadly the links are directly to the wrong pics. Mind correcting the links?



nice jobs...but the link to download sample pic isn't free....huff


Gd work.......Keep it up...


And here is my comeout!
i love it.

Liz C

Great can not wait to have a go

so great job!!

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