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Photoshop tutorials Breaking Apart Photoshop Tutorial

Author: Adri

I'm a freelance graphic designer.


In this tutorial you will learn how to break objects apart. It’s an easy tutorial, you just have to have patience when you reach the step where you start breaking things.

To see what I’m talking about take this picture and let’s start!

Step 1

Open the image in Photoshop. First thing to do is to enlarge the canvas to the right. To do this go to Image > Canvas Size. Click on the arrow from the left hand side, the one in the middle.

Then for New Size select pixels and for the Width type 3500. Make sure you have white for the Canvas extension color, since this is the background color from the original image.

Step 2

Duplicate the background image – Ctrl + J. Make sure you have the Move Tool active, click on the cucumber and drag it a little to the left hand side. You can move objects with the arrow buttons from the keyboard too. But that’s in case you want to move the object just a little. If you press the left arrow key it will make the object move one pixel to the left. If you press the left arrow key while holding down Shift key it will move the object ten pixels to the left.

Step 3

Because the cucumber from this image is a happy one (this sound so weird) you need to make it sad, because you’ll brake it apart in a few minutes. And that can’t be a happy thing!

Take the Rectangular Marquee Tool and select its mouth.

Copy and paste the selection. Use Free Transform (Ctrl + T) and flip the image vertical.

Apply a Layer Mask to this layer.

Take the Brush Tool, set its Hardness to 0%, Master Diameter to 60 pixels, make sure you have the mask active and your foreground color is black and start to mask the area around the mouth to make the new selection blend with the rest of the cucumber. You can use the Clone Stamp Tool and the Healing Tool to erase the original mouth.

Step 4

Go to Layer 1, take the Lasso Tool and select a part from the cucumber, like you see below. Copy the selection and paste it.

Make all the other layers invisible – click on the eye icon you’ll find beside each layer. Choose Magic Wand Tool, select the white area and delete it.

Step 5

Take the Lasso Tool again and start selecting a small piece from the cucumber. Then press and hold down the Ctrl key – you will notice that the mouse’s cursor has a small scissor on it. Click and drag the selected piece away from the cucumber. Keep holding down the Ctrl key while moving the piece.

All you have to do now is to keep doing this step until you see the result you’re looking for. You can use Free Transform as well, to rotate some of the pieces.

Step 6

When you think you have enough pieces, make the other layers visible – click again on the eye icon.

Select the layer with the pieces. Apply a Layer Mask to it. Hit Ctrl + click on its thumbnail in order to load the selection. Take the Brush Tool and mask the area from selection.

Do the same with Layer 1 in order to mask that part from the cucumber that you’ve transformed into pieces. For this layer load again the selection from the pieces.

This is what you have so far:

Step 7

Take this texture and bring it to your project. Use Free Transform to make it smaller. Place it like in the image below.

Change the Blend Mode for this layer to Overlay. Use again Layer Mask and make the two images blend together.


And you’re done!

Hope you had fun and learned something new today!



Funny tutorial Adri :)
Btw, I agree about patience required for making all those pieces.

it really doesnt take much patience... something like this is very simple.. once you get into the more complex things, and you have to be alot more intricate and meticulous the work put into a project like this is nothing short of plain and timeless... never-the-less this is a great tut for beginners, and shows some good technique if your just starting out on photoshop.

What this??
Strange lesson...

Thanks for your comments !

I agree with you Justin, I should have written "little patience" from the beginning.

Really nice tutorial, thank you :)

I like it! Love the funky pickle. We've posted it on


Nice stuff...
thank you


great ,sweety !
thank you so much !


thnx for the lesson..


nice tut, but video tut would be a looot better. anyway nice

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