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Photoshop tutorials Forever Young with Photoshop Tutorial

Author: Sanja Soltic

Freelance web designer and web programmer (PHP).


In this tutorial you will learn how to make the old people young again, easily and simply, without surgery and pain...

Step 1 - Cleaning the face

First open a picture Granny and duplicate layer. I got mine from here but you can choose any photo you like really. On that new layer we will clean the face of wrinkles using a Spot Healing Brush tool and Healing Brush tool.

The Healing Brush tool clones by using the texture from the sampled area (alt+click) and then using the colors around the brush stroke as you paint over the flawed area. Spot Healing Brush doesn't require you to specify a sampling source. It automatically takes a sample from around the area to be retouched. The good news is it's quick and easy. The downside is that it doesn't give you as much control over the sampling source as Healing Brush.

Step 2 - Gaussian blur effect

When you get a clean face duplicate the second layer. On that layer (I will call him Gaussian blur) use Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur option. Set the radius on 1.5 pixels.

After that you have to delete blur effects from some parts of a face that have to be sharp (eyes, glasses, mouth…). For that use Layer Mask (red circle on a picture below) and paint in black parts that have to be sharp.

Step 3 - Putting the lipstick

Create new layer and blend together all previous layers (ctrl+alt+shift+E), set foreground color to black and use the Brush tool (B) to color the lips. Use soft round brush 17px (for precise drawing you can take smaller brush) and set the opacity to 29%. If you like darker lipstick look you can raise the opacity value.

After painting lips change the Layer style from Normal to Soft Light.

Step 4

Duplicate previous layer and change Layer style to Screen and lower the opacity to 53%.

Step 5 - Changing color of the eyes

Create new layer and change foreground color into blue. Paint eyes blue using Brush tool. Size of a brush has to be the same size as eye for an example 28px. After that change Layer style from Normal to Soft light.

Step 6 - Eyebrows

To draw eyebrows choose Dune Grass Brush, mode Darker Color, size 7, Opacity 100% and set foreground color to black.

After that click on Toggle the brushes palette (red circle on the picture above) and adjust all like on pictures below. When you're all set draw the eyebrows.

When you have finished with drawing you have to switch Layer style from Normal to Soft light.


That's all folks. I hope that you enjoyed.


Someone has found Fountain of Youth.
Joking aside it's nice tutorial and really good effort in explaining some basic stuff like difference between healing brush and spot healing brush tool. Good work Sanjica :)

Thanks. There will be more interesting tutorials.

Great tutorial, very detailed. I enjoyed it very much. I liked the eye brows effect.

Aha, this is gonna be fun when people see their results 6)

Great tutorial sanjica! Is it me, or does the final result leave her skin a bit blotchy? This is why I don't use automatic tools like the healing brush for these processes. I think you mentioned the lack of control and this can be the result sometimes.

Deepak Pandey

Its great my friend..
its quite easy learn and use thank you...

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