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Photoshop tutorials How to Embarrass a Friend Photoshop Tutorial

Author: Aleksandra

Freelance web designer,illustrator,graphic designer


This tutorial can help you if you want to transform your pictures, make them look cool, interesting, or just have fun with it like I did. This is how result looks like:

Step 1

First thing you should do is to find a nice picture to work on. Preferably a friend or someone you know well and who won’t take it the wrong way. I have chosen this one:

Then I used Magnetic Lasso Tool (L) to select man from the picture

Next, by pressing CTRL + C I cut it. After cutting, I created a new layer by clicking on small icon in the bottom of the layers panel.

Then I pasted an object on new layer by pressing CTRL + V.

After that I made original image invisible by clicking on eye icon next to original picture.

You may have noticed that our subject is missing part of the face because I removed speaker from his headphones. It’s easy to fix that problem by using a special brush for retouching and make-up, which you can find here. I made a new layer (Layer > New), chose soft skin and brush. After that, select natural skin color with Eyedropper Tool (I) and using the brush replace missing part.

Step 2

Next we need to change t-shirt color. First, select shirt. I did it with Magic Wand Tool (W), but you can do it some other way if you prefer. Then, I went to Image > Adjustments > Photofilter, selected Sepia and changed density to 83%.

After that with shirt still selected go to Image > Adjustments > Hue/Saturation (Hue down to -14 % and Saturation down to -100%) and press CTRL + D to deselect. That's how you change a t-shirt color into military green.

Step 3

Now that we changed color of the t-shirt I thought it might be good idea to make it look even more military, so I made a camouflage pattern. Here’s how you do it.

First make a new document and use #476031 as fill color. Apply Filter > Texture > Texturizer.

Ok, next we create a new layer and fill it with a black color and some "noise" to it: Filter > Noise > Add Noise with similar settings to these:

After that we’ll do some blending, Layer > Layer Style > Blending Mode > Screen with Opacity of 50% and you will probably get something similar to this:

Step 4

Well, it's time to add grid to our background. Create a new document (4×4 pixels) and draw a skew line by using Pencil Tool as on picture below.

Then go to Edit > Define Pattern and save it as pattern. After that go back to our main document and fill the grid pattern on the new layer. Change layer style to Overlay and set Opacity to 30% for this layer:

This is how the results should look:

Step 5

Now it's time to add military style texture. First of all press D to set up foreground and background colors to black and white. Then create a new layer and apply Filter > Render > Clouds:

Now go to Image > Adjustments >Threshold and use following values:

You will get something like this:

To make it more realistic apply Gaussian Blur using the next presets:

After that go to Image > Adjustments >Threshold and set up the following presets:

And result should look similar to mine:

Then set Blending Mode in Leyer Styles to Multiplay 20%.

When it's all done go to Edit > Define pattern name it military, click ok. And that is how you make a military pattern. You can find it in Layer Style > Pattern, and should look something like this:

Step 6

Now it's time to add a military look to a shirt. First select t-shirt, I used Magic Wand Tool (W), and make new layer above original picture and copy selection by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + C, and paste it by pressing CTRL + V. With shirt still selected go to layer styles an apply following presets:

There you go, now you have shirt with military pattern.

Step 7

To make more authentic and realistic effect I decided to put some dirt on my friend’s face. I've done that by using soft rounded brush 8px and color #b8a49a. Make 2 stripes like on my example

and then apply these presets:

When you're done duplicate those two stripes and place it on the other cheek. You may notice that left cheek is lighter than right one, so I used soft rounded eraser (20 px) and slightly erased part of left stripe to look more natural. For dirt on his forehead I made a small circle and filled it with #6c6c6c color. Next thing what I've done is applying Gaussain Blur, and it should look like this:

Step 8

This part is fun, 'cause details are coming :)First I found in my archive a nice military hat which I placed on my friend’s head.

Then I thought that he needs a rifle too, so I found one and put it on his shoulder. I also made some shadows too:

Then I found some interesting details which I thought would be great with military look like bullets, which I placed on his shoulder. You can be creative too! Use everything that you find interesting. Go ahead and experiment, it's fun :) And for the end I used this picture for background:

For final touch I used Blur Tool from tool box (brush size 45, strenth 72%)



hehe :D
handsome guy!!

Hmmm... This fella looks vaguely familiar... I'm sure I've seen him somewhere...


Hahaha, LOL! :)

One of the best and funniest photoshop tutorials on the web! :)

Funny result Aleksandra !

A detailed tutorial, that is easy to follow. Very cool.


Yes, he is familiar , I think he is a famous actor or singer :)...
To embarrass :D ? Boss looks much better after this tutorial, i will just test it on my pic ;).

I like the idea of preserving original T-shirt and applying effects on it instead just textured it... maybe background photo should not be rotated because of light direction.

Quite cool effect you've applied on ur friend's picture. Must say it is one of the funniest tutorial i've found on the web. lol.

Good results! i like it

Thanks a lot for share this great tutorial.

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