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Photoshop tutorials Make Easter Eggs Photoshop Tutorial

Author: Sanja Soltic

Freelance web designer and web programmer (PHP).


Soon it will be Easter time and you should send a greeting card to your loved ones. If you were looking on the Internet but you have not found the right one, the easiest way is to make your own. Don’t worry, it will be very easy with this tutorial.

So, let’s begin.

Step 1 - Background Color

Open a new file and choose the right image size (for example width: 1280px and height: 800px).
Then choose a Gradient Tool and set colors. Because my background will be a sky I choose #1c7178, #309da4, #53c2c9 and #d2f6e8.

Step 2 - Drawing Grass

For drawing a grass switch to Brush Tool and choose grass brush. Set the right size of a brush (for example 134px) and choose foreground and background colors (#8ab81a, #1a3301). The fastest way to draw a grass is to hold pressed left mouse button and just keep drawing till you have thick grass.

Step 3 - Layer Mode Overlay

For better look duplicate grass layer and change Layer Mode from Normal to Overlay.

Step 4 - Drawing the Clouds

Don’t worry about how to draw the clouds. Search Google and find clouds brushes for the Photoshop. For example, I like these or these but you can use something else.

Step 5 - Drawing the Butterfly

Use Custom Shape Tool for a butterfly.

Double click on a butterfly layer and change Gradient Overlay.

Step 6 - Butterfly Trace

Click on a Brush Tool and choose Soft Round brush. Set the size of a brush to 45px and color to #9cdefe. Then go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur and set for Radius 18.6px.

Step 7 - Text

Use Horizontal Type Tool adjust font Curlz MT, font size 150px, color #f6f917, and write desired text.

Step 8 - Easter Eggs

Use the Ellipse Tool.

To make the appropriate corrections on the egg’s shape you can use a Direct Selection Tool or Convert Point Tool. It’s up to you.

For better look set the Inner Shadow for the egg.

Step 9 - Decorating the Egg

Let’s make some decorations. Click on Custom Shape Tool and first choose Waves and draw like on the picture below. Than choose rabbit shape and put him in the middle. The color of the top wave and the rabbit is #9cdefe and for the bottom wave is #a18445.

Press ALT button and make a mouse click between the wave shape layer and the egg layer (layer panel). Than just drag and drop other layers (rabbit shape and other wave shape) between egg layer and first wave shape.

Step 10 - More Eggs

Draw a new egg and repeat the same procedure but with different color #b72b47 and different color of inner shadow.

Now, click on Custom Shape Tool and choose Tile 2.

Then double click on a Layer Style and set the Drop Shadow and Inner Shadow like on the pictures below.

Again, hold Alt key and click between Egg layer and shape layer.

Step 11 - Even More Eggs

Repeat all previous things for other eggs.

Of course, pay attention what egg is in front or behind. This is important because of order of layers.

At the end make new layer and merge all previous layers with shortcut ALT+CTRL+SHIFT+E. Then, choose Hard Light for Layer Blending Mode.

Repeat all previous things for other eggs.


You can apply any shape or pattern on the eggs. Use your imagination and you will get a beautiful card for Easter, which will be long remembered by your dearest ones.


Nice one Sanjica, I bet many will find it useful during Easter :)

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