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Photoshop tutorials Simple Bubbles In Photoshop

Author: Tyler Jordan

Fine Artist, illustrator, web/graphic designer, photographer, chef...


Bubbles are one of the easiest things to create in Photoshop. Here's a quick tutorial on one of the methods I use.

Step 1

Start with a blank page and fill it with light, baby blue color. Now make a new layer to make your bubbles on. Select the Circle Selection Tool with no feather and make a medium sized circle in the middle-upper left hand area of the page. Then, while holding down Shift, make another smaller circle to the right of it. You can make as many circles as you wish, but make sure you keep the Shift key held down. If you don't like a circle you've made, hold down the Option/Alt Key and deselect it with the Circle Selection Tool.

Step 2

Once you’ve made your circles, fill them with white.

Step 3

Now the fun part: Using the Eraser tool with a feathered brush set to an opacity of 100%, start to erase the middles of the white balls you've made. For this I adjust my brush size to about 75% of each ball and simply click inside each of them three times. That's all you'll need to erase to create your basic bubble. Just make sure you adjust your brush size for each bubble.

Step 4

Now it's time to take your bubbles to the next level. Using the Paintbrush, set to feathered and 100% opacity, make short sweeping strokes on the upper left hand corners of each bubble. Be sure to adjust your brush size for each bubble.

Step 5

Now it's time to make the background a little more interesting. With a large feathered Paintbrush make long vertical sweeping strokes with a darker blue. Here, you can stylize however you wish, just think hula dancers and mai tais.

Step 6

Here I take a large feathered Dodge Tool set at 100% opacity and do small sweeps in light areas of the background just to add a little more depth.

Step 7

I do the same with the feathered Burn Tool set at 100% opacity to the dark areas.

Step 8

My last step is to take the Smudge Tool set at normal and 50% strength and blur some of the hard edges on my light reflections.

All done! This took about 5 minutes, but I could easily take more time and make it more elaborate. This is just the simplest way to make realistic looking bubbles. There are so many ways to do things in Photoshop. This method is one of the many I may use for a given project. You may have a better way. Always do what works best for you.

Here's an example of these bubbles in action:


Nikola Mitic

12 sites

And how to create this nice fish with harts? :)

sexy fish! nice tutorial, thanks

Lynne Gjerde

Thank you for showing how to make these bubbles. Easy when you know how. Can you show how to put something inside the bubble like a face for e.g.

For putting a face or other object within a bubble, I'd have to try it first, but my first guess would be to drop it in a layer behind the bubble, add a warp to the image to "spherize" it and reduce the opacity around the edges.


Thanks for tutorial..but this can be done in 4 steps only in a easier way...
create a circle..
fill in with color..goto its optionsproperties...
select gradient,make it radial and select its color with solid and one invisible...
after adjustments just reduce its opacity....

good tutorial

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