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Photoshop tutorials Using Liquify Filter and Photo Retouching Photoshop Tutorial

Author: Adri

I'm a freelance graphic designer.


In this tutorial you’re going to learn how to use the Liquify Filter in Photoshop. This filter will help you to retouch your photos but also lets you have a little fun if you just want to play! After you’re done with Liquify Filter you will learn how to do some makeup. That’s in case your subject is a girl:

Take the image and let's play!

Step 1

Open the image in Photoshop and duplicate it. After that, select Filter > Liquify. This will bring up a separate panel. Select Forward Warp Tool, input ~ 500 for the brush size (see the top right hand part of the panel). You can also adjust the brush size using keyboard. Hit [ for a smaller brush size and ] for a bigger one.

Position the cursor like you see in the picture below. Click and drag it slightly towards the face. Release the mouse button and pick another spot. Practice on your own a couple of times to see how it works and change the brush size where you think is necessary.

Do that until you think the girl’s face looks ok.

If you want to undo just press Ctrl + Alt + Z (as many times as you need) or use this button (and brush over the part you want to undo):

Click Ok to save the image.
This is what I got:

Now, that we've learned how to use Liquify Filter in Photoshop I’ll continue my tutorial and show you in a few steps how to apply makeup in Photoshop.

Step 2

Select the Healing Brush Tool and start to heal like you see on the picture below.

This is how it will look after you’re done with the Healing Brush.

Step 3

Duplicate the layer and go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur and for the Radius insert 1,6 pixels. This will give a little smoothness to the skin. Now take the Eraser Tool and delete (from this layer) over her eyes, eyebrows, mouth and hair.

Make a new layer and let’s apply some foundation on her face. Choose #d6abf8 for the foreground color. Take the Brush Tool, set the Hardness to 0 and paint over her face, avoiding her mouth and eyes.

Lower the Opacity of this layer to 50%. Lower the Fill too, if you think it’s looking better that way. Play around.

Erase some part of the foundation where you think it’s necessary. You can reduce the opacity of the Eraser Tool in case you want just to adjust some parts.

And this is what you have so far:

Step 4

Make a new layer and using Brush Tool do the same as in the previous step but this time let’s apply some blush on her cheeks. For the foreground I used #f2afb5.

Step 5

Now let’s apply some makeup on her eyelids. Use for that three different layers (in case you want to do the makeup like I did).

And that’s it!

I was just kidding :)

And here you can see the layers I was talking about.

Step 6

It's time to play with the Opacity, Fill, Colors, and Eraser Tool.

Step 7

Now let’s put some lipstik on her lips.
Take the Color Picker and choose a color from her lips. Then go to Color Picker pallete and make the color a little more darker. Change the opacity of this layer to 38-40 %, set the Blending Mode to Multiply and you’re done!


I hope you enjoyed tutorial and learned something new!


Great tutorial Adri. Helps people learn useful tricks and Photoshop effect and very useful for girls to improve their profile photos if they want to :)

Thank you Jason!
I appreciate your comment :)

Saranga Asith

Great tutorial. thank u very much for share with us your valuable design knowledge.
I wanna chat with U. how can I reach to U. can U send me an email.

Interesting work there Adri!


#d6abf8 gives me purple :


Not a bad tutorial. I would strongly advise using a layer-mask rather than the eraser tool though, as that way if you make a mistake, you can go back and correct it.

cindy Lutes

i also got a purple shade as daria said.

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