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Photoshop tutorials Warp Tool Effect Photoshop Tutorial

Author: Tyler Jordan

Fine Artist, illustrator, web/graphic designer, photographer, chef...


The warp tool in Photoshop is very powerful and can create some amazing new possibilities. Here, I’ll show you how to add your own label to a tin container to make it look like this:

Step 1

Start with your container image. Be sure to notice how the cylinder reflects light. This will come in handy later.

Now we want to place the label image on a new layer so click File>Place and find the image you want to use and click Place.

Step 2

Now reduce the opacity on the label layer within the layers palette. This is helpful for figuring out exactly how to warp it properly to the container.

You’ll see that you can transform your new placed layer here and you’ll want to do this now, but make sure you don’t shrink it more that the maximum vertical distance it would have at the closest point to you on the curve of the container. You can see what I mean here. Once you have it sized properly, right-click the payer and rasterize it.

Step 3

Now click Image>Transform>Warp. You’ll see the control points on each side. Grab a corner first and drag it in to where it should be as if they were wrapped around the cylinder. Next, grab each point in order down each side and you’ll see your label taking shape.

Now you have it warped nicely!

Step 4

Click the Move Tool (arrow) and click Place and bring your opacity back up in the layers palette.

Step 5

As you can see it looks pretty good, but a little too good. It doesn’t fit in to the environment because there’s no light reflecting off of it. Remember studying the surface of the tin cylinder? Now you want to add some of that shine to your label.

To do this, use the rectangular selection tool and set the feather to 15 pixels. Now select the areas that should have light reflecting on them. If you can’t remember, switch off your label layer and look at the tin. Remember to use the shift button while selecting the second area so you get them both.

Step 6

Now that you’ve selected the proper areas, click Image>Adjustments>Levels and drag the slider on the right to the left until it looks light enough.


All done!


Nikola Mitic

12 sites

Tyler thanks for tutorial!
Simple solutions are always the best

I would like share with you all here that the warp tool is a useful Adobe Photoshop tool that can be used to warp images or text. While it can be used subtly to wrap text or images around other objects, it can also be used to create dramatic and surreal changes to your Photoshop elements. Keep reading to find out how you can utilize the powerful warp tool.

I would like to comment that Adobe's Photoshop has an arsenal of tools, filter and effects, like the warp tool, and mastering them makes for successful digital art. Learn how to work the warp tool in this free Photoshop tutorial video series.

Warp Tool - been using Photoshop for many years and never exploited this one before - but then never needed to.. me thinks that most of us only scratch the service with these pro graphics tools. I have the Adobe Designer CS4 suite - but still haven't used most of it in over a year !!!

Simple and easy, good old reliable warp tool, has been around since the start of time.

Ricardo Nascimento

Bom tutorial, gostei!

very learnsome!
it would never ocurr to me to do it this way

thats was very very helpful thanks for tutorial
i was looking for a while for this effect thanks again

Simple and easy, good old reliable warp tool,

Great tutorial, thanks for all your details!

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