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Photoshop tutorials Zombie Face Photoshop Tutorial

Author: Violet

I love design. I work as a free-lancer and I also have a Blog where I post some Photoshop basic tutorials. You can check my work on: or see the tutorials: Hope you like them! see ya


In this tutorial we’re going to give our face a zombie look in just a few steps. You’ll be as scary as this:

Step 1

Open this photo of a girl. You can use your own if you like.

Step 2

Open another photo. I use a photo of an operation. Anything that looks disgusting works. Remember we’re trying to scare people with a real zombie looks! You can download this picture here.

Step 3

Please don’t throw up on the screen. In a few minutes it will be over. Well, what we need to do here is just select a part of this disgusting image. Grab the Lasso tool and make a selection.

Then go to Select > Modify > Feather

And set 20 for the feather radius:

Copy (Ctrl + C) the selection.

Step 4

Paste (Ctrl + V) the selection into the image of the girl and scale it down a little. You may have to rotate it as well.

Step 5

Go to Image > Adjustments > Color Balance or hit Ctrl + B. Use: -19; 16; 1 for the values. Check the image to see where to put them.

Hit OK.

Step 6

Go to Image > Adjustments > Brightness and contrast. Use these settings: Brightness: -32; Contrast: -13.

Step 7

We need to cover most of the face with these disgusting parts. So go back to the “operation” image and select another part. Paste it on the girl face, scale it down, rotate it and repeat steps 5 and 6 to match the color.

If you see that the edges of the pieces you’ve pasted are a little sharp just grab the Eraser tool. Use a soft brush and set the opacity to about 40% and start erasing the edges. This way it’ll look that they are really coming from the real skin.

When the face is covered you’ll have a lot of layers with tiny parts of Zombiness.

You see. We’ve covered part of the chin, below the eye, the forehead and a part of the nose.

Step 8

Now go back to your original layer and select the eyes.

Copy the selection and paste it in a new layer.
Go to Image > Adjustments > Color Balance or hit Ctrl + B. Use 0; 0 and -83 as you can see on the image below:

Set this layer to screen mode.

Step 9

Now we need to merge all the layers involved so we can adjust the complete image. For this we need to select the original layer, hold down SHIFT and click on the top layer. Now you have all layers selected, right? Press Ctrl + Alt + E. Now we get all the layers in one new layer and we still keep the other layers (just in case you need to make any changes)

Step 10

Duplicate this merge layer. Go to Layer > Duplicate Layer or just hit CTRL + J. With this duplicated layer selected go to Image > Adjustments > Hue/Saturation and set the following values:

Hue: 81; Saturation: 15; Lightness: -1

You should get something like this:

Hit Ok. Set this layer to Linear Light mode and the Opacity to 77%

Step 11

Now you see why we need to keep the old layers too. Duplicate the “eyes” layers and place it on top of the layers.

You see it’ll keep the screen mode.

Now go to Image > Adjustments > Curves and use these settings:

Try to copy the curve on this image as good as possible.

Now hit Ok and you’re done!


This is the final result:

Hope you’ve enjoyed this.
See ya!



this is scary :)

thanks Violet

very nice i like your tutorial.thank's for your sharing :)

Thanks Guys! Glad you enjoyed it.

Very cool! Good thing I was eating my lunch! :)


Very good tutorial. Can be applied to other things as well, say, adding fish scales to a human or something - The ideas shown would translate easily to using other software as well, such as GIMP or PaintShopPro. I rate this tutorial A

Dinesh VG

This is good...The color adjustments are the real difficult part and your values work like a charm!! Thank You


that is crazy,wow i kuv it.good work

ts Amazing :D i wish to do is too

well explained with detailed step by step format.
really amazing, will try it out now :)
will search for more such useful stuff on your site here ..Thanx




ogosh the op image look disgust LOL but thumps up for you bro!!

Hi Devin, thanks for your comment. by the way, I'm a girl hahah.


very nice tutorial Violet!! _ i think u look pretty even as a zombie! i will do the tut right now :)

heeey!! violet , thanx a million!! MUUUUAH!! KISSES KISSES!! lol , i love u for this!! thankyeW!! :)


very well done violet, i dont even want to know where you got the operation photo lol


this is great,, violet, can i have your number :P

That looks really real but the zombie's eyes are blind. _

amazing, like cool


The pic of the operation is not there anymore, where can I get it? Could you send it to me if you still have it?


i can't download the stock image used for the face.. error. =


Awesome! Just awesome! Immediately changed my Facebook picture with a nice manipulated picture of me! Thanks for this clear tutorial!


You're good Violet! Thanks for the help :)

I just stumbled onto this website while eatting a snack, feeling sick now but did think it was quite a good post and will tell my designer friends to have a look.

omg, so scary! amazing what you can do with a surgery picture and photoshop.

Christian Alonzo

ishhh! the 2nd step is disturbing haha!

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